Customised Solutions

PPE Universal provide customised solutions for governments, hospitals and private entities to accommodate each of our clients medical needs and requirements on an individualised basis, anywhere in the world. This is why we work with a vast range of tier-1 brands to ensure our client's receive the exact product specification and brand required at their preferred target price, and in most cases much below their target price! 

We provide accelerated shipping times by working closely with our suppliers to meet our client's specified timeframe. Whether you require a production order or spot buy (OTG), we will process your order requirements effectively and diligently across multiple channels of tier-1 manufacturers, suppliers and private sellers to expedite your order as efficiently as possible.


It is our moral obligation to ensure we assist our clients productively amid the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a superior service that is timely and cost-effective - anytime, anywhere.

For further information on our PPE, medical and healthcare supplies, contact our support team at